"Heart of fire" Ladies Fitted
"My Daddy is awesome" Children's Book
"Support Our Troops" Magnet
"We Remember" EOD Memorial T-shirt - Front Print
"We Remember" Polo Shirt
"We Remember" T-shirt - Front & Back Print
$5 Donation Embroidery
*Monthly Specials*
1/2 scale 50 cal dearmer
10" White Vinyl Outline Decal
12" White Vinyl Outline Decal
14k Solid Gold Badge
184th Ordnance Battalion
242nd Maintenance “Fast Tough Efficient”
24oz Sandblasted Glass Mug
25th Anniversary Masterblasters Shirt
3 EOD Golf Ball Pack
303rd Ordnance “Assured Quality”
320 Ordnance “Support the Fight”
3rd Ordnance “Service, Not Glory”
4" Vinyl Badges
4" Vinyl HDT
4" White Vinyl Outline Decal
45th Sustainment Brigade Patch
48th Chemical Brigade “To Protect the Nation”
48th Chemical Brigade ACU Patch
48th Chemical Brigade Patch
52nd Ordnance Group Patch Scorpion
59th Ordnance “Power to Spare”
6" Vinyl Badges
6" Vinyl HDT
6" White Vinyl Outline Decal
71st Ordnance Patch Scorpion
71st Ordnance “With Distinction and Valor”
73rd Ordnance Battalion DUI Unit Crest
741st Ordnance “Cupious ET Paratus”
8" Bomb Suit Statue
8" Vinyl Badges
8" Vinyl HDT
8" White Vinyl Outline Decal
Adhesive Bomb Family Decals
Adhesive Flaming Skull and Badge Decal
Air Force License Plate
Air Force Magnet
Alaska Unit Patch
American Flag License Plate Basic Badge
American Flag License Plate Four Services
American Flag License Plate Master Badge
American Flag License Plate Senior Badge
American Flag License Plate with HDT badge
Ankle or Arm Wrap ACU Print with Badge Pin
Anodized Pins (shiny finish)
Army License Plate
Army Magnet
Assorted High Quality Golf Shirts - Basic Badge
Assorted High Quality Golf Shirts - Master Badge
Assorted High Quality Golf Shirts - Senior Badge
Back Print- Whip Me Prime Me
Badge Belt Buckle
Badge in Globe
Badge- Army 71st Group Patch Full Color
Badge-Basic Miniature Gold
Badge-Basic Miniature Oxidized
Badge-Basic Miniature Shiny
Badge-Basic Regular Gold
Badge-Basic Regular Oxidized
Badge-Basic Regular Shiny
Badge-Master Miniature Gold
Badge-Master Miniature Oxidized
Badge-Master Miniature Shiny
Badge-Master Regular Gold
Badge-Master Regular Oxidized
Badge-Master Regular Shiny
Badge-Senior Miniature Gold
Badge-Senior Miniature Oxidized
Badge-Senior Miniature Shiny
Badge-Senior Regular Gold
Badge-Senior Regular Oxidized
Badge-Senior Regular Shiny
Badges-Unit Patch 71st Ordnance
Basic Badge Decal
Basic Badge Dog Collar
Basic Superior Subdued Black
Basic Trailer Hitch Cover
Beanie w/ Pink Badge
Big Basic Wood Badge 18"
Big Senior Wood Badge
Black FlexFit Hat w/ Pink Badge
Black Flight Suit Patch
Black Hand Grenade Pocket Knife
Black Velcro Hat w/ Pink Badge
Black w/ Gold EOD Sweatshirt
Blow Up Your Dad Kids Shirt
Bomb Disposal w/ Basic Badge
Bomb Disposal w/ Master Badge
Bomb Disposal w/ Senior Badge
Bomb Pin
Bomb Squad "Southern Discomfort" Hot Sauce
Bomb Squad "Walk With Death" Hot Sauce
Bomb Squad 'Fire in the Hole' Hot Sauce
Bomb Squad - Black w/ Pink
Bomb Squad Front & Back Print on Sand
Bomb Squad Long Sleeve Shirt
Bomb Squad OD Green
Bomb Squad Sand w/ Black
Bomb Squad Scorpion
Bomb Squad Sweat Shirt - Neon Pink
Bomb Squad Sweatshirt Black w/ Gold
Bomb Squad Sweatshirt with Gold back print only
Bomb Squad Sweatshirt with Pink back print only
Bomb Squad Sweatshirt with White back print only
Bomb Squad T-Shirt - Black w/pink print
Bomb Squad T-Shirt - Pink w/ Black print
Bomb Squad T-Shirt - Sand
Bomb Squad T-shirt with Gold back print only
Bomb Squad T-shirt with Pink back print only
Bomb Squad T-shirt with White back print only
Bomb Squad Tank Top
Bomb Squad Tee
Bomb Squad Tee - Front & Back Designs
Bomb Squad Whiskey Hat
Bomb Squad Whiskey T-Shirt
Bomb Suit Guy Bobble Head
Bomb Suit Guy Bottle Opener
Bomb Suit Guy With Flag
Bomb Suit Guy with Flag Hoodie
Bomb Suit Guy With Flag w/ Pocket
Bomb Suit Keychain
Bombs Away Shot Glass
Bottle Hugger
Boy Baby Bib Lil Stick of Dynamite
Brass Coin Key Chain
Buzzard, Bomb & Pick
Buzzard, Bomb, and Pick Hat
Buzzard, Bomb, & Pick Patch
C4 or the Matador
C4 or the Matador T-Shirt in Military Green
Camo Hat w/ Badge
Canadian Bomb Squad T-Shirt
Carbon Fiber License plate
Caution EOD Tech Shirt
Center of Excellence Patch
Christmas Ornament-Master Badge
Christmas Ornament-Senior Badge
Christmas Stocking with Badge
Circle Lucite Pendant
Class A Ordnance for Officer
Click to see Clearance
Clothing Apparel
Coin Symbol - Front
Color Coin Key Chain
Colored Flaming EOD Crab with Lovely Ladies - Long Sleeves
Crew Neck Bomb Squad Sweatshirt
Crewneck Sweatshirt w/ Embroidered Badge
Crystal Bomb Suit Guy
Crystal Book w/ Meaning of the Badge
Crystal Heart Ornamanet
Crystal Ornaments
Cubic Zirconia Pendant
Curved Sandblasted Glass
Da Bomb Dog Toy
Daddy's Little Misfire Onesie
Decal Fear and Danger HDT
Decal-White w/Red EOD
Decals & Magnets
Desert Flag
Domed Earings
Drawsting ACU Print Bag with Emb Badge
Duffel Bag with Emb Badge
Embossed EOD License Plate
Embroidered HDT Beanie
Embroidered Patch with Masterblaster Shield
Embroidered Patch with Masterblaster Shield and Lettering
EOD "We Remember" 1943-2016
EOD "We Remember" Polo Shirt
EOD 7 Color Night Light
EOD Apron
EOD Athletic Shorts with Badge
EOD Badge "We Remember" Hat
EOD Badge in Heart Necklace
EOD Badge Thong
EOD Basic Badge Key Chain
EOD Bomb Dog Badge Decal
EOD Bottle Opener
EOD Brass Challenge Coin
EOD Coffee Mug
EOD Coffee Mug
EOD Coffee Mug
EOD Coin w/ Basic Badge
EOD Coin w/ Master Badge
EOD Coin w/ Senior Badge
EOD Colored Brass Challenge Coin
EOD Crewneck Sweatshirt
EOD Dad T-Shirt -SAND
EOD Flag - Double Sided
EOD Flag - Single Sided
EOD Flaming Badge with Ladies
EOD Gold Challenge Coin
EOD Hero Shirt
EOD Hoorah Magnet
EOD In Training Infant Onesie
EOD In Training Toddler Shirt
EOD Initial Success Ribbon
EOD Lanyard
EOD License Plate
EOD loves the Ta-Tas Mini Magnet
EOD Master Badge Key Chain
EOD Master Badge Light
EOD Masterblasters Assoc.
EOD Masterblasters Decal
EOD Memorial Bumper Sticker
EOD Memorial Coffee Mug
EOD Memorial Coin Bronze
EOD Memorial Items
EOD Memorial Tee Shirt
EOD Money Clip
EOD Motorcycle License Plate Frame
EOD Nerves of Steel Tee
EOD Octagon Poker Table Top
EOD Oval
EOD Oval with Badge
EOD Paracord Bracelets
EOD Plate with Vinyl Badge
EOD Playing Cards
EOD Senior Badge Keychain
EOD Shirt Black on Pink
EOD Silver Challenge Coin
EOD Squeaking Dog Toy
EOD Tall Mug
EOD Tank Tops
EOD Tribal
EOD Tribal Badge - TAN
EOD Tribal Badge T-Shirt -WHITE
EOD Tumbler with Badge
EOD Tuxedo Shirt
EOD Vehicle License Plate Frame
EOD Walk with Death T-Shirt
EOD Wall Clock
EOD Wife - Front Print
EOD Wife - Lead an Explosive Life
EOD Wife Bomb Squad Sweatshirt
EOD Wife Coin
F&B Print - Bomb Squad "IF IT WAS EASY..."
Faces of an EOD Tech
Fear and Danger EOD
Fire in the Hole with Pearls
Flaming EOD Crab with Ladies
Flaming EOD Crab with Lovely Ladies
Flask with Badge
FlexFit Colored Badge Hat
FlexFit Patriotic Badge Hat
Floor Mat
Foldable Can Hugger
Four Services Challenge Coin
Framed Badge in Globe
Framed EOD Memorial - Eglin
Framed EOD Memorial - Indian Head
Front - University of B & B
Front and Back Designs
Front Only Designs
Front Print - EOD Mom
Front Print - EOD Skull
Front Print - EOD Wife Support Hands
Front Print - EOD with Badge
Front-EOD Est 1941
Frosted Glass Set
Fudge Shirt
Full Zip Bomb Squad Hoodie
Full Zip Hoodies w/ Embroidered Badge
Full Zip Hoodies with HDT Badge
Games & Misc
Girl Baby Bib with Crab and Lil Princess
Gold Finish Pins
Golf & Polo Shirts
Golf Tee's
Golf Towel with Badge
Got Explosives Tee
Grilling Spatula - Basic
Grilling Spatula - Master
Grilling Spatula - Senior
Guy Fawkes Bomber Pin
Guy Fawkes Bomber Tee Shirt
Half Flaming Skull/Half Badge
Hand Stamped Discs with Crystal
Hand Stamped Dome Necklace
Hand Towel with Badge
Hat-Womens Hat with Embroidery
HDS Challenge Coin
HDS School
HDT Badge Hat
HDT Bomb Dog Decal
HDT Bomb Squad Tee Shirt
HDT Crewneck Sweatshirt
HDT Hooded Sweatshirt w/ Embroidered Badge
HDT Jersey Knit Polo
HDT Lanyard
HDT License Plate
HDT Master Silver Oxide Finish Pin
HDT Miniature Gold Finish Pin
HDT Miniature Silver Oxidized Finish Pin
HDT Oval
HDT Pima Cotton Golf Shirt
HDT Pique Golf Shirt
HDT Quarter Zip Sweatshirt w/ Embroidered Badge
HDT Regular Black Subdued Pin
HDT Regular Gold Finish
HDT Regular Shiny Pin
HDT Regular Silver Oxidized Finish Pin
HDT Section
HDT Trailer Hitch Cover
Heart with Master Badge Earrings
Hellbox - Medium Size
Hellbox - Small Size
Hellbox - Standard Size
Hooded Sweat Shirt - Bomb Squad
Hooded Sweatshirt w/ Embroidered Badge
Hooded University of Bombs & Bullets
Hot Sauces & Grilling Accessories
Humorous EOD T-shirt
I ♥ MY EOD TECH Magnet
I ♥ My EOD Tech Shirt
I Am a Bomb Technician - Full Back Design
Indian Head Maryland Memorial
Initial Success or Total Failure Blank Front Shirt
Initial Success or Total Failure Coffee Mug
Initial Success or Total Failure Shirt w/ Front & Back Imprint
International EOD Pewter Coin
ISTF Patch with Master Badge
Jersey Knit Polo
Jersey Knit Polo with pocket
Junk in the Sun Decal
Keep Calm Sweatshirt
Keep Calm T-Shirt
Khaki Flight Suit Patch
Kid's Section
Kids Designs
Knit Beanie with Embroidered Badge
Ladies Section
Ladies V-Neck Bomb Suit Guy with Flag
Ladies with EOD Wife embroidery
Lapel Pin with Master Blaster Emblem
Large EOD Memorial Magnet
Large EOD Memorial Ribbon
Leather Flask with Badge
Leatherman C33/C33X Knife
Leatherman MUT EOD Tool
Leatherman Super Tool
Long Sleeve UXO Skull Dark Blue
Long Sleeve UXO Technician
Low Profile Velcro EOD Badge Hat
Low Profile Velcro Unconstructed
Magic 8 Bomb
Marble EOD Memorial
Marine Corps EOD
Marine License Plate
Marines Magnet
Master Badge Christmas Ornament
Master Badge Coin Tank Top
Master Badge Decal
Master Badge EOD Collar
Master Blaster Brass Coin with Gold Trim
Master Blaster Decal
Master Blaster Money Clip
Master Superior Subdued Black
Master Trailer Hitch Cover
Masterblaster Challenge Coin
Masterblaster Sweatshirt
Masterblasters Polo Shirt
Meaning of the Badge
Meaning of the Badge
Meaning of the Badge Tee -White
Memorial Bracelet
Men's Keep Calm Tank Top
Motorcycle EOD License Plate
Mugs, Glasses, Etc.
Multicam Basic Badge
Multicam EOD Badge
Multicam Flight Suit Patch
Multicam Master Badge
Multicam Senior Badge
Murphy's Law - Full Back Design
Navy Blue Flight Suit Patch
Navy EOD Dad Shirt
Navy EODA Embroidered Hat
Navy EODA Embroidered Polo Shirt
Navy EODA Embroidered Shirt
Navy EODA Patch
Navy License Plate
Navy Magnet
Next Gen Toddler - Basic Badge
Next Gen Toddler - Master Badge
Nickel Plated Memorial Coin
Non-adjustable Flexfit EOD Badge Hat
not in use
Nylon Dog Leash with Basic Badge imprint
Nylon Dog Leash with Master Badge imprint
Nylon Dog Leash with Senior Badge imprint
Nylon EOD Basic Badge Dog Harness
Nylon EOD Master Badge Dog Harness
Nylon EOD Senior Badge Dog Harness
Old Bombs
Others Run Tee - Front Coin/Full Back Print
Oxidized Uniform Pins
Pass the Bomb
Patch-20th Support Command Full Color Patch
Patch-52nd Group ABU
Patch-52nd Ordnance Group Patch
Patch-ABU 20th Support Command Patch
Patch-AF ABU Basic Patch
Patch-AF ABU Master Patch Sew-On
Patch-AF ABU Senior Patch
Patch-Cloth Basic Black on Green
Patch-Cloth Basic Desert Camo
Patch-Cloth Basic Gold on Blue or Black
Patch-Cloth Basic Silver on Black or Blue
Patch-Cloth Master Blue on Green
Patch-Cloth Master Desert Camo
Patch-Cloth Master Gold on Blue
Patch-Cloth Master Silver on Black
Patch-Cloth Senior Black on Green
Patch-Cloth Senior Blue on Green
Patch-Cloth Senior Desert Camo
Patch-Cloth Senior Gold on Blue
Patch-Cloth Senior Silver on Blue
Patch-Coin Color Badge
Patch-EOD ACU with Velcro
Patch-Master Black on Green
Pendant - 14kt gold Plated Basic Badge
Pendant - 14kt gold plated Master Badge
Pendant - 14kt gold plated Senior Badge
Personalized Flight Suit Patches
Pillow/Blanket with Badge
Pima Cotton Golf Shirt
Pink Camo FlexFit Hat
Pink FlexFit Hat w/ Pink Badge
Pink Velcro Hat w/ Pink Badge
Pink Visor with Badge
Pique Golf Shirt
Plaques & Hellboxes
Poker Chip Set with Master Badge
Poker Set Package
Polo Shirt with Masterblaster Shield
Polo Shirt-Pima Cotton Jersey by Devon Jones
Proud EOD Bumper Sticker
Proud EOD Mom - Front Print
Proud EOD Wife T-shirt
Pt Gift Set-Shirt, Bag, Shorts, Sports Bottle
Quarter Zip Embroidered Badge Sweatshirt
Regimental Crest Ordnance / Ordnance Corps USA
Ridge Runner Knife
Safety First, Gravy Second
Sage Green Flight Suit Patch
Sand w/ Black EOD Sweatshirt
Santa Hat with Badge
Senior Badge Decal
Senior Badge EOD Collar
Senior Superior Subdued Black
Senior Trailer Hitch Cover
Shoulder Backpack, ACU Print & Emb. Badge
Small Basic Badge Decal
Small Basic Wood Badge
Small EOD Memorial Magnet
Small EOD Memorial Ribbon
Small Leather Flask
Small Master Badge Decal
Small Senior Badge Decal
Square Resin Pendant
Square Shot Glass with Badges
Squeeze Bottle
Standard Flag
Static Decal-Bomb Disposal
Static Decal-University of Bombs & Bullets
Sterling Silver Basic Badge Pendant
Sterling Silver Master Badge Earring Danglers
Sterling Silver Master Badge Earring Studs
Sterling Silver Master Badge Pendant
Sterling Silver Senior Badge Pendant
Subdued Flag
Subdued Pins (black finish)
Sweatshirt with Hood-Front Junk in Sun Back Coin
Sweatshirt with Masterblaster Shield
Sweatshirt- Junk in the sun front, coin on back
Sweatshirt- University of Bombs & Bullets Front only
Tactical Glassbreaker Pen
Tall frosted Shotglass with all badges
Tall Glass-16 oz Frosted Glass with all Badges
Tank Top - Ladies with Embroidered Badge
Tank Top-Ladies with Univ of B&B
Think of Me
Tie Tack
Tiny Disc Earings
Toddler Tee - Daddys Little Misfire
Toddler Tee - Wanna Be EOD
Tools & Accessories
Uniform Patches
Uniform Pins, Badges & Patches
Unit Crest-63rd Ordnance Batallion
Unit Crest - 79th Ordnance Battalion “Efficient and Effective”
Unit Crest-17th Combat Sustainment Support
Unit Crest-192nd Ordnance Battalion
Unit Crest-84th Ordnance Battalion
Unit Crests & ID Badges
Univeristy of Bombs & Bullets
Univeristy of Bombs & Bullets Athletic Tee
University of Bombs & Bullets (3 Styles)
US Air Force Bomb Disposal
US AIR FORCE Bomb Disposal
US Army Bomb Disposal
US ARMY Bomb Disposal
US Navy Bomb Disposal
US NAVY Bomb Disposal
UXO - Tan
UXO Challenge Coin
UXO Tee-Dark Blue-Short Sleeve
Vehicle Accessories
Velcro Colored Badge Hat
Velcro Masterblaster Hat
Velcro Patriotic Badge Hat
Wanna be EOD Onesie
White Flight Suit Patch
Women's EOD Life
Women's Full-Zip Hoodie w/ Embroidered Badge
Women's Keep Calm Tank Top
Women's Section
Wood Badge Plaque
Wooden Basic Badge
Wooden EOD Badge Ornament
Wooden Master Badge Plaque
Wooden Senior Badge
Youth - Next Gen - Basic Badge
Youth - Next Gen - Master Badge